CO2 Extinguishers

CO2 Extinguishers are best suited to electrical risks and liquid fires. They are ideal for the modern world as they do not damage or contaminate electrical equipment. Unique in its application, CO2 has stood the test of time and is the obvious choice for electrical risks.

Our CO2 Extinguishers are available in following models

MC-2A 2kg Aluminium Fire Rating 55B sheet
MC-2E 2kg Steel Fire Rating 55B sheet
MC-5A 5kg Aluminium Fire Rating 89B sheet
MC-5E 5kg Steel Fire Rating 89B sheet
MVC-10A 10kg Mobile Fire Rating 113B sheet
MVC-20 20kg Steel Mobile Fire Rating 144B sheet
CO2 Extinguisher MC-2A
CO2 Extinguisher MC-2E
CO2 Extinguisher MC-5A
CO2 Extinguisher MC-5E
CO2 Extinguisher MC-20

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