Hose Reel Service & Installation

At Apex Fire we provide fire hose sales, service and reel installations throughout Ireland. Apex Fire hose reels are always located by our technicians to provide an accessible and effective supply of water to combat a fire risk.

The construction and performance of the Apex Fire hose reel is kite marked BS EN 671 making it ideal for fighting all types of Class A fires.

All of Apex Fire hose reels are supplied for both open surface and recess installation. Each of our hose reels comes complete with a jet spray nozzle enabling the operator to control the direction and the flow of water to the fire.

Hose Reel Service & Installation

In addition to providing the hose reels, Apex Fire also provide a full service package which includes:

  • Hose Reel Flow Testing

  • Hose Reel Pressure Testing

All of our technicians are fully certified to EN 671-3 2000 to test and maintain all types and sizes of semi ridged hose reels.

We also provide hose reel maintenance service and we can provide any replacements required for existing malfunctioning equipment. Replacements can also be installed by our competent Technicians.