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Fire Safety Week 2016 runs from October 3 to October 10, and it’s to spread a simple message – STOP!


S – Smoke Alarms. Make sure you have at least one on every floor.
T – Test them weekly, or have somebody else check them.
O – Obvious dangers. Look for fire risks throughout your premises.
P – Plan your escape route. Know how to get out if fire occurs.

You can find out more about National Fire Safety Week, along with fire safety tips and advice on how to maintain smoke alarms, on the main .

Special Offer – Home Safety Kit


This Fire Safety Week, consider our Home Safety Kit to help make your home or that of a family member or friend all the safer.

Our kit includes:

  • 2kg multi-purpose power extinguisher
  • 7-metre Life Ladder
  • Carbon Monoxide alarm

The kit could make all the difference if fire breaks out. It’s available for just €99 (including VAT).

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Top Fire Safety Week Tips

  1. Don’t overload sockets
  2. Don’t leave lit candles unattended
  3. Keep escape routes clear
  4. Keep your keys at the ready