Further to recent concerns about the effectiveness of fire blankets on oil/grease fires and the research done by the Consumer Products Safety Authority of the Netherlands, Apex Fire Ltd see it as prudent to make customers aware of the potential problems with Fire Blanket use.

It has been noted that Fire Blankets give no guarantee in extinguishing oil/fat/grease fires, therefore we require all our technicians to affix a warning label as illustrated below to all fire blankets (irrespective of make or model) at time of inspection.

Customers must be informed, when deep fat frying equipment is present or there is a risk of a class “F” fire, wet chemical extinguishers must be recommended. It is important that this is noted on the comments section of the certificate of inspection. Please note any blankets that are contaminated with grease deposits, must be recommended to be removed from service.

Please see illustration below of blanket with label attached.

Fire Blanket with Warning Label