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Car safety kits containing all you need for breakdown or roadside emergency situations are now available from Apex Fire for the low price of just €74.99 (including VAT).

Car Safety Kit contains

Car Safety Kit

  • A 2kg dry powder portable fire extinguisher, complete with robust transport bracket and strap (certified with Kitemark/Safety Relief Device)
  • First Aid travel kit, complete with carry bag
  • Hand-held and fully weatherproof 28 LED torch, complete with batteries
  • High visibility vest
  • Heavy duty large steel warning triangle, complete with plastic cover case
  • High grip cotton gloves
  • Steel-tipped vehicle escape hammer, for breaking glass in emergency situations
  • Zinc-covered seat belt cutter, for use in emergency situations

Please note that the glass-breaking hammer and seat belt cutter should be stored inside the vehicle, with a fixing bracket, so they can be easily accessed in an emergency.

All car safety kit items are CE certified and come in a stylish grey carpet toolbag, complete with hook and loop fastenings that attach to your boot carpet via Velcro strips, to prevent any movement.

We encourage everybody to carry one of the car safety kits. Contact us today to order.