Water Extinguishers - Apex Fire

Water Extinguishers

Used against A class fires, water extinguishers are commonly used in areas such as storage for dry goods and hotel communal areas.

Our Water Extinguishers are available in these models

MWF-20 F-Max 2ltr Fire Rating 5A/34B/40F sheet
MWF-30 F-Max 3ltr Fire Rating 8A/*B/75F (B rating to be verified) sheet
MWF-60S F-Max 6ltr Fire Rating 13A/113B/75F sheet
MW-90 9ltr Fire Rating 21A sheet
MW-90E 9ltr Fire Rating 21A sheet
MW-90G 9ltr Fire Rating 21A M.E.D. sheet
MXW-30 3ltr Water+Additive Portable sheet
MXW-60 6ltr Water+Additive Portable sheet
Water Extinguisher MW-90E
Water Extinguisher MXW-30
Water Extinguisher MXW-60

For more information about our wide products range please refer to our on-line catalogue.